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Weekly forecast Jan 4-10

We are continuing to shift into a new state of being. Ride the good waves and hold on tight.

MON: Moon in Virgo, Sun in Capricorn - lots of earth energy to help us ground into our work. Mercury conjunct Pluto (underworld) in Capricorn allows for deep concentration, deep conversations - all things deep.

TUE: Moon in Libra trine Jupiter & Saturn - Sense of Stability and emotional insight.

WED: The strong intuitive nature of Sun sextile Neptune is met with the practical goal-achieving powers of Mars entering Taurus.

THU: Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus - emotional upsets but possibly surprises (unless you hate surprises).

FRI: Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn for the next few weeks - Innovation and ideals matched with the desire for stability and making money. Sun sextile Neptune - Intuitive messages through dreams. Mercury square Mars - breathe before making decisions. SAT: Moon enters passionate Sagittarius. Mars and Venus trine - enjoy the heightened senses. Celebrate. At home.

SUN: Moon squares Neptune - emotionally out of sorts, but this too shall pass.

This week’s parasha/story: SHEMOT:

Moses asks God: “What’s your name? Who are you?”, to which God replies: “I will be that which I will be”. Meaning, there is nothing in our world that can accurately describe God’s essence. He is the creator of the world. Moses of course objected, needing to provide an answer for his people who were enslaved in Egypt. Then God clarified: “The one who is with you now in your predicament is the same one who will always be with you.”

Shavua tov! Have a great week!

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