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My name is Kadia Saraf. I was raised both in the Galilee in Israel, and in Switzerland and grew up with the healing and wisdom practices of both cultures.

My fascination with astronomy started at a very young age. I’ve spent most of my teen years in a mountain-top planetarium in Switzerland, exploring the stars through a gigantic telescope.

Those formative years led me on a wild journey into the metaphysical world of Kabbalah and Astrology.

​I’ve been a student of Astrology for over two decades, and continue to deepen and expand my knowledge at the "Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology" combining the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, astrology and my intuitive gifts.

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Kabbalistic astrology is one of the oldest applications of Astrology known to humankind. According to Kabbalah our soul choses this life, the time of conception, time of birth and thus the alignment of the planets, stars and zodiac sign it is born into. ​

Kabbalistic astrology, unlike conventional astrology which insists that our lives are predetermined, reveals that each and every one of us is born at the exact time and place which serves as a blueprint to help the soul do its Tikkun, in other words our spiritual correction.


Our astrological natal chart is essentially an insight into our spiritual DNA makeup. We have many possible futures, and by exercising free will we can be the masters of our destiny and become the cause of our own fulfillment.


Kabbalistic Astrology is suited for all, regardless of religion, cultural background or age.


My Vision statement:
It is my mission to help you gain clarity and understanding of your own planeta
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