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Month of Aquarius

This month is probably the most important one of 2021 and will determine how it'll all unfold. Remember, we have free will, the ability to hold ourselves accountable and change the course of things. We cannot continue to act the same way while expecting different results. As a matter of fact, that's the definition of insanity.

Remember, we have free will, the ability to hold ourselves accountable and change."

The second half of this month is intense, loaded with hard aspects, forcing us to adapt to the new world we are living in. A fast-paced world of ideas and ideals which centers around rebellion, freedom and change.

The new moon in Aquarius conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will ask us to release what's stuck for the sake of the collective. Old rigid ideas will not bear fruits. They will die off anyway so we might as well get them out of the way. Unstuck what's stuck.

Next, the Sun will conjunct Pluto during the new moon phase which will further emphasize the need to change our thinking and our approach in order to produce new and favorable results. Jupiter squaring Uranus shortly after (1/18) will feel like a kick in the behind. This aspect will reveal all that's hidden in the dark. It's coming, we have no choice in the matter, but we do have a choice of how we respond. Have we learned the lessons 2020 presented us with? Or will we just try to forget it ever happened? Although they might feel tainted, we must come back to the initial intentions we set.

Saturn squaring Uranus on 1/21 will bring more tension unless we are now finally ready to step into the change we are asked to embrace, by shedding light on the dark spots, and incorporating spirituality in everything we do in order to transform into the new order of the world. This means innovation, ideas and ideals for the benefit of humanity.

At the end of the month Mercury is going Rx until 02/20/21. This will impact mental health and clarity. While many are plagued by a compromised sense of reality which causes a big divide, we must choose to use our knowledge wisely and distinguish between illusions (conspiracies) and reality. Grounding spiritual concepts in reality is the most important tool we can rely on this coming year.

It's in our hands; let it begin with me.

Wishing us all a good month!

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