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Mars entering Taurus

Mars entered slow and steady Taurus today. It feels heavier and there’s a tendency to get lazy and be stubborn. But know that this is a really great time to dive into projects and check off your to-do list. It may feels super slow but it’s steady.⁣

Tomorrow Mercury is joining Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. It’s a good time to reflect (they are all hanging out in the 12th house) and brainstorm new ideas. Saturn and Jupiter are squaring Uranus in Taurus which is a reflection of the current tensions. There’s a growing need to break free from past restriction. Practice restraint.⁣

This week’s portion of Shmot (names) speaks of the two world creations. The first world was created in the form of judgment, meaning the effect would come immediately after the cause. There was no pause between cause and effect. There was no free will. No space to correct. ⁣

The second world was created with attributes of mercy, meaning there is time between cause and effect. We have free choice whether we want to overcome our karma, or not. There’s space and ample time to reflect, grow, make amends and correct.⁣

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