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Many governments and successful companies around the world use the help of an astrologer to execute fruitful plans with targeted scheduling. The Apple product launch events for example, are randomly chosen.

Our solar system is a reflection of our lives here on planet Earth. Their alignment and energetic field has a strong invisible influence on us and on everything that we do.

In Astrology we place significance on the specific day on which you start your business, close a deal or develop a new idea, since each day has energetic charges and undercurrents impacted by the planetary alignments of the day and the month. Some days are positively charged and will bring fruitful results whereas some days are negatively charged, which can potentially slow down or even halt progress of certain deals.  Working with an astrologer offers an accurate selection of astrological days best suited for taking action, the understanding of the energies people bring to the business as well, all of which will produce more fruitful opportunities and will help grow your business.

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